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Pony Pals Wrekin is an equine assisted therapy facility for children and adults for treating a wide range of issues, based at the foothills of the Wrekin in Telford, Shropshire. Alongside equine therapy we also offer movement therapy without the use of horses or animals. Our approach is creative, flexible and child-led, and we ensure that we plan the sessions based on what outcome you want to achieve with the therapy.

The therapy sessions are based on the Horse Boy and Movement Method systems created by Rupert Isaacson in the USA.

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Equine assisted therapy facility involving sensory and calming triggers

Horse and animal therapy has been shown to be of benefit for a wide range of issues, including autism, anxiety, trauma, addiction, behavioural problems, and learning difficulties.

During the therapy sessions we create the correct physical environment where learning and mental and physical wellbeing can happen. This is because our natural setting is packed full of natural positive sensory triggers. During the sessions we engage the children in movement in a variety of forms - on ponies, space hoppers, wheelbarrows, or just simply rolling down a hill.

Equine assisted therapy begins with sensory and calming goals

During the therapy children meet and handle the ponies from the ground, touching and breathing with the ponies, using repetitive grooming movements, giggles, hugs and fun. Playing with the animals in this way relaxes the children and makes them receptive to learning.

Learn more about how these movements encourage the production of hormones that help learning.

The child moves to being on-board when they are ready, and the activities again focus on sensory and calming work. As little or as much time is spent at each stage depending on the child and their needs. There are no timelines, and if more time is needed on a particular activity or the child is particularly receptive to an activity, then this is what we will focus on.

The child progresses to movement in several ways depending on their preference. Fun and educational games continue when the child is mounted to continue encouraging the feeling of wellbeing.

Movement sessions without the use of ponies

We can also achieve the same wellbeing results without the use of the pony, and we refer to these sessions as movement sessions. During movement sessions we use different objects, for example wheel barrows, to replicate motion.

Throughout all this our dogs, Pippa and Tilly, are always around, offering further interactions, play, companionship and cuddles!

What we offer

Sessions are offered subject to availability.

Please contact us to discuss availability:

Wendy Garratt: 07948981047, or email ponypalswrekin@btinternet.com

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